Created by Black artists, Code My Crown is an instructional guide for coders and developers to code more diverse, true-to-life, depictions of Black hairstyles in 3D. It is free for anyone to download at

Global Brand Manager, Dove: Lauren Baker
Senior Brand Manager, Dove: Vincent Jaskowski-Prowse
Agency Producer: Kin-Man Ly
Agency Producer: Lucie Hackman
Executive Creative Director: Jamie Cordwell
Talent Liason: Aaliyah Barry-Ventura
Senior Vice President: Ashlie White

Casting Director: Lizzie Knowles
Lead Gamer: Amira Virgil
Gamer 1: Atari Woolley
Gamer 2: Shay Thompson
Hair Stylist - Dove: Nai’Vasha
Lead Developer: A. M. Darke
2nd Developer: @isaacolander

Production Company: @kodemedia
Executive Producer: @jack_kode
Director: @oatsiris
Producer: @tobikyere
Production Manager: Andre Wooz
Production Assistant: @dantayroberts
Location Manager: @jesslocations
Location Assistant: George Glynn
1st Assistant Director: @yasmin.godo
Runner: @tyler_richards21
Runner: Courtney Wynter
Runner: Iara Duartep
DOP: @courtneybennettdp
1st AC: Daniel Deighton
2nd AC: Samara Addai
A-Cam Op: @thechroniclesofapril
B-Cam Op: @denike
A/B Cam - 1st AC: @eddietheac
A/B Cam - 2nd AC: Teresa Adamson
Camera Trainee: Ryan Rae
DIT: Aaron Adeleke
Video Playback Op: @dayo_olufemi
Gaffer: @dop_e_gaffer
Spark: Shaun Clarke
Spark: John Joe Besagni
Spark: Dale Healy

Spark Trainee: Ed Irvine

Art Director: @adeyumyum
Art Assistant: Martha Howe
Art Assistant: Leelah McEvoy
Art Assistant: Zoë Abatan
Sound Mixer: Bahar Dopran
Boom Op / 1st Sound Assistant: Simone Picknett
Hair Stylist Assistant - Dove: Eric
Hair Stylist: @abitofjaz
Hair Stylist: @x_sjourdan
Hair Stylist Assistant: @jakihenri
Hair Stylist Assistant: @anoushkadanielle
Make-Up Artist: Nancé Synthia K.
Make-Up Artist Assistant: Mikaél Frimpong
Stylist: @elshhyy
Medic: Oluwayemisi Atanda
BTS Photographer: @scottkershaw

BTS Photographer Assistant: Aron Tarjani

HMU Trailer Driver: Billy Smith

Splitter Van Driver: John Oliver

Dining Bus Driver Paul Haddock

Coopers Coffee Bar Janette Cooper

Removal Team: Meldin Adeleye
Storyboard Artist: Ashwin Kumar